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About Clifford Norton Studio

Clifford Norton began his career in photography a century ago with the objective of capturing the beauty and the personality of the people he photographed. He adhered to the principles of lighting and composition used by great artists throughout the centuries, while utilizing his instincts to recognize and record the essence of each person.

The tradition for excellence he started has continued and been enhanced by his children, Don and Betty Norton, and more recently by Michael Lichterman. For the last 10 years, Michael Lichterman has taken on the mantel of lead photographic artist. His unique style brings life and movement to his images capturing the subtleties of emotion and relationships that make his prints works of art.

“By getting to know the individuals at a personal level and by making the experience of being photographed enjoyable, my photographs have an emotional quality that makes them increasingly important to family and friends over time.”- Michael Lichterman.

A commitment to quality without compromise in both service and finished work continues to make Clifford Norton Studio the first choice among discriminating Clevelanders.